Aprilia sportcity 300 sidestand wont fit, no reply from SIP!

Howdy,i bought a sidestand from sip about 6 weeks ago, i cant see anywhere to fit it to the frame. I cant get any email replies from SIP,friggin useless.I am a mechanic, so am not fumbling about under the bike. I am concerned that my model is a 2010 and this stand is for the previous 250-i think they were redesigned.

I hope i'm wrong but i tried for ages to make it fit.

Cheers, Pat

Hello Pat,


We checked the BUZZETTI site once again, there seems to be no other side stand for the Sport City 300 other than this one. BUZZETTI mention that it'll fit models from 2008 onwards. See this PDF:




See page 8.





Excellent job! I'm planning to fit one to my Sportcity 250 and did find a forum on a US website that described how to trim the lower panel - just need to find it again!

Thanks Martin, the frame was full-no spare space, but i'll try again if youre sure.I was suspicious when the package said 250-300 on it, i thought they were different bikes (a bit )

I can't open the pdf though, the page just does "connecting" forever


I made it fit,had to alter it though, and the bodywork cutting template was wrong