Ape tuning

do you have any tips or info on tuning a P501 (ape) for speed?

i’ve noticed SIP has one in there store and figgured they may have meddled with the engine.

i’m pulling the engine for a re-build on mine and am considering a polini 225, a mikuni 28mm flatslide, and possibly a pipe if i can find one better than a sito or possibly have one made.


never opened an ape motor but the 2stroke tuning principles are all the same.where in england are you?id be glad to have a nose meself

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

i’m not - i’m in chciago illinois, USA.

the biggest problem i’m having is finding a way to raise the gearing… i’m hoing i can find somone wh’se found a parts swap that will accomplish this.