Anyone know...

Which headsets will fit a Primavera (other than Primavera of course)?

I want to fit a full hydraulic disc to mine, and I am thinking I will have to cut off the brake lever holder on the headset, so I would like to buy an old one off ebay or something, to avoid ruining the only one I have if it all goes wrong…

If anyone has any tips for fitting a full hydraulic master cylinder / lever unit without cutting let me know.



I prefer street sleepers, I modified my LML with a thumb throttle and full hydraulic set up, and most people don’t notice unless they are really looking, most of the one off billet alloy parts I made are hidden from view.

It is scary fast mate, it goes off the clock at 120kmh, right past that & touches the plastic on the side of the speedo, I can keep up with kitted 200’s most of the time. If you do want a different headset, I like the trapezoid sprint one, that should fit, or a rally/bajaj round one. A PX one might not suit a Primmy that well.

Do you think that bracket will fit a Primmy headset? How similar / different are Rally and Primmy headsets? they look the same to me…

Just looked at the bracket, that is one option, it fits to the mirror bracket mounts under the headset and you bolt a Vespa master cylinder to it. I’m not sure but the round fitting (it’s not brass, it looks like stainless steel scorched yellow/brown by the welding) looks like a mirror mounting point, if it is & you don’t want it just grind it off. With that set up you won’t need to cut the lever pivot off, I’d try to run the brake hose through it to avoid drilling any holes in the headset.

We are getting a bit out of sync here. Ha ha…!

right mirror mount and you reckon no cutting? Will it not be a bit of a stretch?

Would like to try to avoid having a messy hydro cable flapping about, would rather have it like a standard cable.

What do you reckon to the set up?



And there’s always a bit more metal to remove…

It may be designed so the round fitting sits in the lever pivot and the other 2 fit the mirror holes in the headset, which will give a strong 3 point support, it might make it a bit of a stretch to the brake lever but it will work. If SIP are selling it as a straight bolt on, it should be worth a go, you may need to do a little filing to the pivot to get it in, but it shouldn’t be major surgery. At the end of the day when you fit a disc you’ll never go back to a drum brake again so you can trim a little off the the headset if you have to.

Yeah worth a go, my mate has said he will make me a bracket before I even saw that, so I’m sure he could fettle it to fit 3 point like.

Just a bit wary about cutting the headset in case it goes wrong, which is why I could do with a spare…

Your LML looks ace, that garelli mudguard makes it look scary fast…

Cheers for the advice ade!


I do like the motorbike drops, but it’s not the look I’m after.

I want to do as little cutting / welding / modifying as possible, I really want to drop the master cylinder straight onto my existing headset, but I’m concerned that even with the bracket (see other post) I will need to do some cutting…

I do chopper bar kits too, you can use any bars you want then.

Not entirely sure but I think you should get any Vespa head-set to work.

Alternatively you could use a motorbike style drop bar set if you prefer that style,Ade Newnham will be able to help if that’s what you want.

I think that bracket is fairly universal looking at how the holes are slotted in it.

Cheers ade, here’s what I am planning - you may be able to advise…

Art number 3090 - basically a new PX front end, hub, disc, caliper carrier and caliper, grimeca (I’m impressed with the one on my PX)

Length of hydraulic hose

PX grimeca lever and master cylinder, hose through the headset and forks, with either a custom made by friend one of these, or an SIP one

Art.-No. 56377500

It bolts onto the mirror fixing holes on the bottom of the headset and then the master cylinder bolts on to that, really easy soloution, but I think I will still need to cut the lever pivot off or it will be too great a reach from the lever to the grip.

I don’t know what the brass ring is for though…

I’m going for street sleeper…

Sorry, not very exciting compared to choppers and cut downs and that…

That 3090 kit says it comes with a semi hydraulic cylinder, you fit the cylinder to your fork leg, or hide it if want, run the cable to it and away you go. I don’t like the half rubber, half soild steel tube brake hose they come with, I’d recommend you change it for a braided stainless hose.

Yes you will need to cut off the lever pivot to allow the master cylinder to fit, unless you want to buy a WSB/MotoGP type remote resevoir radial cylinder that will clear the pivot, which will be a tad too powerful for a vespa. The easiest way to do it is get a quick action throttle and tube (SIP, Tomasselli or Polini). Fix the new tube buy a master cylinder from a bike shop/breakers, plumb it in and away you go. I’ll do it for you if want to send me the headset. The other way is to fit a semi hydraulic slave cylinder, you don’t have to alter the headset at all then, Grimeca kits are ok, or you can get one for a Piaggio Typhoon (or similar). I don’t think they are as good as a full hydraulic though, but it is an option. Ade.