Another T5 question

Hi all i have been given another T5 in need of TLC, so i thought i would try to do as much work as possible myself ( and you lot !! ) as this scooter will not be my main form of transport as my other T5 is fine i thought i would put a kit on it, i have read lots of posts and i have decided on a mallosi 172. I am going to attempt to do a rebuild myself on the engine and im wondering whilst the engine is apart other than bearings is there anything that i should renew also ??? Also are there any tips anyone has ??? I have very basic mechanical knowledge this is why i want to do as much of it on my own. My final question is that when i bought the kit the bloke was on about „squish“ so what does this mean i thought the kit was just bolt on is there other things i need to do ??? I have already got a my head machined as this was part of the deal. Many thanks to whoever takes the time and trouble to help me out with this.

Hi i would change the cruciform and seals while the engine is apart and have a good look at the rest of the engine to see if anything looks worn better to do it now than later with my malossi i just put the kit on with the machined head and new main jet no problems [:drink:] [:shock1:]