Another T5 jetting question

My set-up is

Malossi 172
Re-profiled cylinder Head
Standard 24mm carb
Taffspeed pipe

I was running a 122 main with a Hi-Torque SIP, that the Taffspeed has replaced.

Do I need to go up on the main jet any further?


more or less the same. Taffspeed mounted on T5 behaves differently then when on 200. If I remember well on T5 the SIP make you something more at high rev then the taff that is slightly fuller on the mid. But then you said you were using the high torque version that I have never tried so maybe it is not even that. If you are not sue check the spark with the plug chop method and you will see.
But I don’t think you should up jet expecially in this warm weather.

Thanks both, forgot to ask you yesterday Andy.

leave it as it is gav, no need to change