Another mikini fuel pump questions

hi all

well the t5 lump is on the rebuild i got my fuel ppump and have been looking at the threads on it and i’m bit unhappy that i’m going to have to drill the reedvalve as i just bloody painted it all.

is there any other way for fitting this

also i don’t quite understand where i’m going to have to do the fuel pipe over flow from
where does this go on the dellorto carb,
and to which conection of fuel pipe

does anyone do an electric pump for this that can be mount inside the frame

i don’t want to have an engine with pipes and wires all over it

as i’ve just done away with the coil and eletrcs are all going to be mounted inside frame

anyone got a real close of there carb and pump mounted

thanks all


hello postman_bat,

In a way or another you have to get the pressure from the crancase to make it work and the easiest spot is the manifold so…you have to drill it to fit a tube.
To do cable clean you can put the fuel pump under the tank with all the tubes, just need one that goes out from the main air hole in the frame to reach the carb and another from the manifold pressure tube that goes in from the same hole to get to the pump.

Then put the pump togheter with the tubes with anything you like as strap, elastic… it won’t moove.
You do the double T connection under the tank too.

It is the way I use it.

For the connection see beerace answer to Mikkke in the same forum page it is preatty clear. If after reading it it is still unclear ask again I will try to draw something that I could post on my net-address below.