Another big question!

What is for you the 10 minimum articles to have in a Vespa Shop?

What are the 3 most services do you want in it?


  1. Vespa

  2. Tuned Exhausts

  3. Gaskets sets

  4. Tuned Cylinders

  5. Etc…

  6. Restoration

  7. Engine Tuning

  8. Etc…

Let me know your feeling


See your mail, friend.

No this is only for my personal curiosity



Hi Mikkke!

10 minimum articles:

  1. New scooters
  2. Used scooters
  3. Crash helmets
  4. Tires
  5. Cables
  6. Cable nipples
  7. Bulbs
  8. Tubes
  9. Brake shoes
  10. Oil

most services:

  1. Periodical service
  2. General repair
  3. Engine rebuild

To be able to do the service above in a reasonable time, you need more than the 10 articles!!


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Leif, send me a mail right there

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Original von mikkke:

How is the weather over there?[:shock1:]

23.2 C outdoor, 25 C inside, clear sky…

Are you planning to open a shop??


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hello Mikkke,

are you considering opening a scooter shop or it is just a marketing inquire?

True, mate but I said ten because i was afraid that nobody will answer.

Feel free to continue if you want!!!;D

How is the weather over there?[:shock1:]

Did so,now what??

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