Amidst Rust Repair, Frame Reinforcement and Frame Raking

Thought some of you might be interested in this.  I am rebuilding an old Allstate (VNB) and as such, I'm working on repairing severe rust damage.  The frame was also bent and as I'm running a PK fork, I decided to rake it a bit, from the original 21 degrees to a new 24 degrees.  Here the bike is at the low-point of this work!




Very interesting work because what you do ... You establish a PK fork a Why not be a Piaggio SKR this fork also has brake discs ...


Looks very good .... Good work [Y]


Luke greeting from Germany

Here's the underside reinforcements: 


The soapy looking residue is actually phosphoric acid used to prevent rusting. 

The PK fork seemed to be the more readily available fork and the upper half was identical to my original Allstate fork.  Even the  headset pinch bolt lines up. 

I soaked the areas in phosphoric acid last night to remove any remaining rust.  Today I'm welding in panels, provided the weather holds and the skies don't open up with rain.  I'll put some good pictures up soon. 

Very good work there ... Something like, I see for the first time ... I'm excited to further updates

Here are some quick photos from today. 

The patch shaped and ready to weld in:


And the center area all patched and ready for reinforcement: