Am i going to hole my piston?

Hi All,

have tweaked the timing on my Malossi’d T5 back to original (T5 125) 16deg as recommended by Diablo; and the bike seems to run a lot better.
The band of missing between 3 and 4k is gone and it pulls a lot more cleanly.

The question is, am i going to do any damage by running the motor at 16 deg rather than the 13-14 deg as recommended by Malossi? What about gas usage?



By gas usage do you mean petrol consumption? If so put it this way my TS1 uses less than my T5. They are not in any way economical!

If im setting up a bike and im worried that im running too much ignition advance or compresion this is what i do. I take the bike to a reasonablly steep hill and go up it in a lower gear than i normally would. Ie if its athird gear hill make it go up in 4th. This loads the engine and if you are running too much ignition advance then it will pink or pre ignite. It will sound like small pieces of metal rattling in you cylinder head. If it does this try first curing it by up jetting. If this doesnt work retard the timing untill it does it no more. I must point out that too high compresion will also cause this.
If your happy after doing this take it for a long run on fast roads always with an ear listening for pinking or overheating. Once back take the head off and have a look. If your going to hole the piston the signs will be there. I have run T5s for years and have never retarded the ignition. They are much more sensitve to shite exhausts with holes in like sito+ or simmoninis with the tale can fell off.
If after all this its ok thrash the bastard it will love it!

Thanks Diablo, puts my mind at rest a little as i burn up the motorway at 8k revs.

I’ll try your pink test and see what it sounds like.


and everynow and then check your plug if it is ok no problem if you have too much advance you could see small metallic deposit. If the advance if it is excessive you won’t see any of this deposit but you will slice out a piece of piston, but this will happen if you use 6 degree more…