All porting ??

On the start MerryXmas all vespa’s fan[:)]
I have little question.
Who its say „all porting“
I’m trying polish:


„All porting“ - That all?
Sorry i don’t understand technical idea
Thx! for all answer

No worries, mate.

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Lets guess, you read somewhere that by polishing „All porting“ you improve the engines performance, and want that clarified.

If so, „All porting“ in that case reefer to the channels that connects:

  1. Inlet port, connect carb with crankcase. To the right on Picture “port 5”, you have done that.

  2. Transfer ports.( between crankcase and combustion chamber) To the right on Picture “port 6”, you have done the start of these ports in the crankcase, and should do the continuing of these ports in the barrel as well. No steps between the casing and the barrel.

  3. Exhaust port. I barrel, from combustion chamber to exhaust pipe.

Hope this helps.


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Leif thanks a lot
Now i understand [:)][:)]

please put „all porting“ in a context.

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