Airbellow with Malossi carb. kit 16106920

Can I use a airbelow with the Malossi 25mm kit direct intake art.16106920 ?

Ok Thanx, if someone else has something to say about this please let me know.



Hello Richard,

What exactly do you mean by air bellow? There is an intake manifold included in the kit (you can see it in the picture, the metal piece on the middle left side).

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Hello Richard,

With some modifications (cut-outs to the air bellow) this will be possible (I have talked with our in-house technician about this). The reed-block will be impeding normal mounting so that'S where you will have to modify the air bellow.



hello Martin, this is a air bellow, it seals of the carb. compartment of a Vespa PK


My question is can I use the air bellow with the Malossi reed-intake, so my carb. compartment is still sealed of frome sand and durt.