Air filter for 28mm dellorto?

[:dance1:] anyone recommend air filter for 28mm Dellorto? Can you fit one? classic situation - bitch to start not unless you put hand on air intake where it will start 2nd kick…on P200 cutdown with gas flow crank and Jahspeed pipe

appreciate the input - after talking to beedspeed they recommend changing jetting too…so pull it apart again and see wots in there - bought the bike 2nd hand after someone had seriously tricked about it…so so fast and torque is unreal…so now just wanna be able to start it without having to take side panel off!!! lol

cheers tho - very useful input…[:dance1:]

C.F.(?), Check the choke jet isn’t blocked noc the fuelway in the float bowl also. there should be an O ring around the jet. It would be worth going up to a 65/70 and try again(probably a 55 as std.)


you can get one of the malossi red filter.
As far as your starting proceed check if your idle jet (slow jet) is of correct size, if it is too small you have this kind of problem. Check also the fuel valve is tight on place and that the valve needle can moove freely.
(just in case…the valve needle is the small needle connected to the float by the little metal board, and the fuel valve is the tube inside where this needle goes… I hope I made myself understood)[H]