Again thanks for your help...PX200 set up choice please

Merry christmas. Thought id shout myself a setup. ive got a px200 VDE1M (80's)

I need some direction on what bearings i need to buy.

And also what seals to buy.

My ride will be a touring set. Im still confused on whether(and i may have gone about this the wrong way buut...)


Ive got me a pinasco 215 in the basket and im keeping the stock carb, sort of.


The question is whether i get a long stroke pinasco crank or the 57 mm mazzucheli racing fine balance.


Then what consumables do i need. Obviously cruciform but is the hardened one overkill?


Seal kit?


Anything else im missing please?


Thanks guys

Have a good holiday





Cheers for the encouragement Heggie,

I may just email these guys, at the end of the day they are a shop, its fair to ask reasonable questions about stock even if everyone else asks it too. Hopefully i get the answers

i have a 28 phbh to play around with that was bought off fleabay. Ill have to look at what kind of slide and jetting it has to check compatability, but it seems in good nick, obviously have to make all the bits to be able to throttle it, but its no biggie.

I have started to make a vortex with aluminium billet and am thinking i may remove the ali plug opposite the brass tube inside the carb and heat it up and pull it out. That way i can get to shaping a venturi with the entrance of the air intake. Looking at enlarging the opening to 25+ mm depending on what the slide allows.

im first gonna practice on an old 150 px carb i have lying around in case i totally root it. lol

ill post pictures etc once ive got something decent to show


What are you upto with yours?







this winters project is a nice mellow genuine stella 2t (lml star 2t) cruiser... something that will get good MPGs and not mind cruising at 55 MPH. - i replaced the stock 21 tooth clutch with a cosa 22 tooth to give it a bit of an up-gear. i modified the reed block a little bit and put in a GGR carbon fiber 'hot reed'. i'm going to order the SIP road exhaust. and i'm thinking about trying out the polini 20/20 carb venturi kit. i shall see how it all came together this spring. wish me luck.

the 200cc stella project will come next winter... i'm thinking the 12" wheel conversion. (if i can figure out EXACTLY all the parts, with part numbers, i need to get.) i think SIPs 'glorious bastard' project with the 12" wheels looks really sweet! would like to do that with my 200cc stella.

Hi Heggie happy new one

 Q and A's


I understand the shop boys here are probably into all sorts of scoots but i think it a bit off its like blood out of a stone to try and get answers about basic sales questions. Should i be emailing them direct? Dont get me wrong its not like ive not spent bloody hours searching or anything but they have the knowledge and ARE selling the gear so thats why i bother to ask really



For the carb im going to make me a Vortex type bell mouth, venturi the opening a little and shorten the brass stick a bit.  So just better the air intake... i think

Thanks for the advice man


its okay crew, i got the info from another site.





come on and share the info you got from the other site, please. i for one am here to try to learn stuff.

as for my opinions on the questions you asked... i heard that long stroke cranks are not as durable as regular stroke - so for a touring set up i would probably go with the regular stroke.

and if you've got the money, a hardened cruciform might be worth it in the long run.

also, what do you mean by, "...i'm keeping the stock carb, sort of."?



really good questions. that subject seem to come up in the community, in one form or another, more then i thought it would.


let me start by saying that the SIP crew really seems to be into scooters... they offer what seems like one billion items - often at good prices. they offer a lot items that are hard to find elsewhere. and, if someone doesn't already make parts they want, they go out and have it made for them. very cool of them to do!

however, their customer service and tech department is a mystery to me... i agree that it seems to be difficult to get answers to what would seem to be 'basic' questions. (maybe their staff gets just too many questions to handle.) to be fair, they usually do offer a lot of info with the items. but, sometimes all that info dosn't seem to add up or make sense. i've had some success with emailing them direct - sometimes the answer is useful. sometimes you only get like half or an incomplete answer. sometimes you get multiple (different) answers for the same question. sometimes it's like they are answering a different question then you asked. and, sometimes no reply at all. (maybe something gets lost in the english to german and back translation.) but, it certainly can't hurt to try to email them direct. i've been tempted to call their english speaking phone number, but it would cost me a small fortune.

it's seems to me that if they were more helpful, then they would do more business... maybe i'm wrong.(?)


i just asked about the carb because i was wondering if you were going to put on that polini venturi carb kit or something... it sounds like you went the 'or something' path. sounds good.

keep us (or, me.) updated on how the engine all comes together. later, heggie