Aerox tuning

hi again, i decided this setup:

  • Cylinder MHR TEAM 70cc
  • Variator kit polini Evo
  • carburator 21

which crank? and wat else do i need?
plz reply this post!


Hi PiXel…

I can recomend you the MALOSSI crank. It looks really powerfull and MALOSSI syncronis their products. To get the optimum of power use C20 for a better acceleration and the C for more top speed! Compare the bodys of both exhaust!


Hi m8,

a yasuni c20 if you don’t want to tune your cylinder…and the doppler s1r crank is very good…also the hebo racing [ @ skf c4 ]
and maybe the malossi MHR overrange [;)] transmission ;D sell the evo vario [;)] he fits only on the polini evo crank by the way…

Greetz Hollow:p