Aerox 100 Tuning

As I know there are a few people struggling with the set-ups on their Aerox 100s, I am hoping someone out there has a pretty well sorted one.

Could you please share the setup you are using? It might be of great help to those of us in progress with our projects!

My current set up: Aerox 100, Tecnigas RS (100cc), Malossi Variator.

Next: Replace stock clutch which is very worn with a Malossi Fly clutch.

Future: Would like to go to a Malossi big bore kit. Not sure what carb size or jetting would be the best. I would be switching over to a free-flow air filter as well, and dumping the stock one. What else should I do...Any advice?




I can recommend Polini or Malossi Big bore kit, but you must make a real squish on the cylinderhead first it´s very bad original as it is. The aftermarket exhaustpipes is good for original cylinder but not for the big bore cylinder. I can recommend you to order on from an exhaust builder, cost around 400 euro if you don´t build it self[. Carburator can you order 22 mm kit fom malossi, but order jetsize over 110 in different steps higher with free-flow filter (malossi).

My setup:

Cylinder, carburatorkit, open airfilter, reedvalves, variator multivar2000, clutch, beltdrive kevlar, transmission gear, original cylinderhead with new squishband, own build exhaustpipe.

The you have good acceleration and topspeed!




start whith the variator brick(thin ring)and put 7-7,7g weights and olala 10more topspeed!and a new polinibelt(1mm wider) and you don``t need the multivariator and the 22carb you can have 92 mainjet

I too am playing withmy 2002 yq100. I have 124cc malossi kit with 22mm carb, leo vance zx pipe and stage6 reeds. Variator 2000 with 11g rollers. Runs like shit on the jet it came fitted with and also the size smaller. I have a bax of smaller ones coming along with some lighter rollers 9g. I'll let you know how she tunes up.