Advise wanted on engine upgrades on a vnb1t

what would be your advise on cylinder kits i've been looking at the pinasco 177  and the polini 177

i guess  the gearing would need to changed so i would like some advise on this too , i need to split the engine as the spring drive gear needs to be rebuilt this would be a good opportunity upgrade gears as necessary

at the moment a 20/20 carb is fitted along with a sip road sport , standard electronic ignition , modified mazzucelli  crank for the e/ignition with standard  inlet timing

i would like more torque and a higher top speed

hope somebody replies


Hello Richard,


you´ll need the DRT SI 24.24 with 4.0 SIP throttle slide, the right carburator casing (23916800 and airfilter (40250000).

We would offer you the Polini 177 cylinder (14000890) , stronger clutch (cosa) with a 23teeth clutch gear cog (57475000) and the spacer (17640000)


Kind regards

Mario SIP