Advice on Pk clutch needed..the number 6 bit of metal..actuating arm?

howdy from New zealand

I have been given a Pk clutch cover with no push rod so I dont know which one to order. The lever/ shaft  is splined ...with an actuating arm down inside.,around the splines that looks like the number 6. (number six)

I was told to remove this actuating arm (the number 6 thing) and to buy the serrated type metal push rod..because the serrated one meshes directly to the splines of the shaft???is this correct?????????????can you confirm yay or nay?

Using logic..I would assume the arm of the number 6 pushes on  the brass push rod ...which then acts against the pressure plate .

soooooo which push lug..two lugs..or serrated?..and any info on the need for the "number 6" or not????

some have said i have combo of "Ape" and small frame clutch cover???

help please