Advice on Malossi 172


Just need a lil’ advice. Got a T5 Millenium coming and thinking about a 172 malossi kit or a 162 Pinasco kit. The bit that confuses me is about the head. Can I use the standard head without machining ar does it HAVE to be modified?

Anybody got any experience of the Pinasco kit?

Yes you will need to modify the head. This is best done by a shop because a special plate is needed to hold it in the lathe. Also the profile of the squish needs to match the profile of the cylinder head. If your British this will cost you around about £30. The malossi kit is the superior kit. Faultless really although the polini is also good. Never used the pinasco.

Send your head by post if you have no one near. If your having problems finding someone pm me and i’ll sort it for you. Buy the malossi kit its superior to all the others. Excellent value for money when you consider how long the last and the abuse they can take

Decent tuners are very few and far between up here in Ecosse,I say send it to Diablo,he does know his stuff.

That’s a tenner you owe me Alan.[;)]

Seriously,I used to run a Pinasco years ago and it was bomb-proof,shame it isn’t available anymore.I couldn’t give a comparison against the Malossi as I never compared them back to back,but the Broady 170 ***ed all over it…until they siezed.;D

pinasco dont make a kit for the t5 anymore;only p range, ANYONE GOT ONE FOR A T5 SPARE???[?[] i wish they did.they where the dogs balls in the late 80s[H] these days its gonna be mallossi,the pollini is REALLY sharp but reliabillity is poor being an iron barrell.(IM SURE MY OLD FRIEND CURARE WILL DISSAGREE WITH ME )[:D] what i do no is that with the ( P RANGE ONLY), pollini and mallossi are FAR better than the pinasco kit. ok it maybe an allu kit but it is more of a touring kit,whereas the other 2 are POP THE WHEEL MATERIAL[:D] [:D] at one stage i binned a pollini 177 (p125)for a pinasco and i was really shocked with the difference in power.the pollini being twice the pinasco in power but less the reliability of the pinasco.sorry wellllll off the t5 subject there[:O] [:O] come on curare fight my case.[:lickout:] [:lickout:]

Beedspeed for head machining,11quid plus a fiver post.quality!!!

The polini is really good as well just not as good. Broady stopped doing his 170s because of trouble getting the pistons and the malossi gave good power for less(and cos they were vespas!). I’m real keen to do a long stroke crank t5 to see what they are like. Harry Barlow met a German this year with a 25hp t5. Think it used on of worb5 offset pins.

Thanks for that, anybody advise as to what modifications need to be done to the head???

I work in manufacturing and can probably get one of suppliers to do it buck shee.

How about jetting, what needs done to that?

Also,there’s not much wrong with the Polini once you get your head around fitting a cast iron barrel to something designed to run an alloy item,as long as they’re set up properly.

Starting from scratch there’s only one real choice though…

I’m looking for reliability and torque rather than outright speed, It’s a petty that the Pinasco is no longer made then :frowning:

I’m in Scotland, anybody recommend where to get the head machined?