Advice on building a more powerful daily rider, reliable PX200E PLEASE!

Hi LaRocca,

You wrote earlier:

"Hi dude

  I´m not a friend of a tuned engine with oilpump because i had an accident in the past becuase the pump dont brought enough oil to the engine in higher refs or on long trips. The thing is that it´s possible that you don´t got any trouble or you got trouble.

My expirience is that a RZ Righthand pipe is for race engine and not for touring. It´s like a 50 Hp engine with a ferrari exhaust ... understand ??

Anyway .....

 If i got you correctly you should have an engine like this ( but please fill allways a little of extra oil in your gas tank)

 - Malossi 210

- MMW hemi head

- 24 SI Carb with cosa floater

- SIP T5 Pipe

- Short PX 125 gear

- Longstroke Racecrank Mazzucchelli

- Reinforced Cosa Clutch with 23 Dents


With this Setup you got a good daily driver with enough tourge and it runs round about 110 - 120 km/h

 PS: If you mount the RZ Pipe with this setup you will have a jammed piston after a couple kilometers.


I am grateful for this reply but am still confused and beset with certain difficulties. I've got some problems, concerning your recommendations, because I've already bought some stuff from SIP following the advice of others (too many opinions!!). I like your recommendations but can I get by with the equipment I've already got (provided I buy a few more things?):

This is what I've got:

1. New Malossi 210 with  New Malossi cylinder head SIP Art. No. 3113764

2. SI 26/26G Carb Dell'orto T5 with oil pump SIP Art. No. 40016000

3. 4th Gear Piaggio T5 36 cogs SIP Art. No. 22322900

Is the T5 4th gear I've bought also usable, or do I really need the Normal Short PX 125 gear you recommended in the email quoted above?

This is what I will buy:

1. SIP T5 Pipe

2. Mazzuchelli Racecrank:  but which one Racecrank?

you recommended the Longstroke, but other say the regular / normal Racecrank (Mazzuchelli AMT 166, SIP Art No 45010000). If I get a longstroke  can I use my new Malossi head? Or do I need that MMW head? Or can I get by with a normal racecrank with the new Malossi head? How much better is the longstroke for touring than the normal racecrank?

 3. How important is it that I buy the Reinforced Cosa Clutch with 23 dents? My Vespa PX200E was one of the last ones to come out – is it still inadequate for my purposes in modifying my engine? Or can I get by with this standard clutch? I don't intend racing or thrashing my Vespa to death. I just need more power taking off, and cruising at higher speeds, overtaking lorries on the freeways etc If it is absolutely necessary that I change my clutch, can you please quote the SIP Artikel Nummer, as there seem to be a few variations on clutches, and I am unsure which one I need. A few of them seem to have 23 dents.





Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


Thanks for this advice. I will certainly follow your recommendations.Two last questions:

1. there are two MMW heads (for Malossi/ PX) listed in the SIP catalogue

Art.Nr. 13013950

Art.Nr. 13013855

Are these two heads the same except for the O-ring?


2. If these are the same heads, is the O-ring necessary?


hello herakleitos1

the diverence in crankshaft between  longstroke en normal is that the longstroke crankshaft gives the horsepower earlier in the lower RPM.  Beter for touring. The "normal" crank gives the power at higher revs.

I would advice you to loose the oilpump or give extra oil in the tank

With the longstroke crank you need the MMW head

your PX is already fitted with a Cosa clutch

the 36cogs 4e gear T5 you bought is the right one for your engine. 



I´ve just answered you in your other post.