Advice on best carb to fit. PX. 180 Polini kit and PM pipe

I am interested in buying a carburetor for my Vespa to give it a little more
speed. I am running a PX125 E with a Polini 180 kit and a PM Tuning, PM19EV


Not looking for uber fast just a bit more speed, can anyone advise on a carb but also all the other parts including filters, manifolds, jets etc that I would need?




I have a similar set up and and in the process of using a Dellorto PHBH 28mm on the advice from SIP.  Currently I have a 26/26 which is really a 25 1/2ish and it runs great with a 128 main jet and the benefit of running that is it still looks original.  Other factors you may want to consider is did you change the crank,gearing and clutch.  Good luck keep posted on progress bythe way PM EVO great Fn exhaust.

Also if you change all that you may want to change the flywheel to a lightened on for a quicker response time