Advice needed please

Hi all can someone please advise me on the correct jetting for T5 classic, i have put on a Kegra pipe. Before anyone suggest ring up Kegra i have done that and there advice was very vague !!! Hence why im asking on here.

My T5 is completly standard apart from this exhaust. Many thanks in advance.


as with many chambers the set up is usually the same.dont no alot about kegra for vespas,(mate swears by them on lammys but)try a 114 (better off a bit rich than too weak) or 112, and all the usual ie timeing,plug,air screw(try 2 to 2 half turns) yuo will know when its rite.hmmm kegra pipe for a t5[:D] now where did you get that from[[:O]] . let me know how you get on!very interested, this could be a topic for my latest mk1t5 retso job:p