Advice for 150 Sprint, please

I’ve a 1968 150 Sprint and i am having an engine rebuild, what i really want is a bit more power without goin over the top.

The engine is 2 port not 3 so i have been told i cannot fit the Pinasco kit i wanted. I have also been told the exhaust bolt sits further back than a P-range and due to this some exhausts are not suitable.

I’m wanting to use this as a rally goin scooter and intend to travel some distances so sitting in the slow lane doin 45mph/75kph
is not a pleasant thought. I am also wondering how difficult it would be to fit a p-range or rally engine into the Sprint frame…

I’m looking for a cruisin speed of about 55mph, any ideas would be hugely appreciated.

Hope i’m not dreaming

cheers, Hally[:dance3:]


To fit a P range is very easy just bolt on but the electrics is different 6 to 12V.
On a 2 port i Think you can fot in a DR kit, one of the english shops do it for 2 port.