AddOnV AC Voltage is 14 Volts too much?

I just received my AddOnV and read in the instructions that it requires 12volts AC or between 8 and 32 volts DC.

I am wondering if there is something lost in the translation on the instructions regarding this. My scooter has an AC only system and I used generic aftern market Zener Diodes AKA MSR or Tucker Rocky Votage Regulators like these


Anyways the voltage with these is regulated to never go any higher than about 14 volts AC (and they are very reliable at high rpm). I really need to know if 14 volts AC will be too much for the ADDonV to handle. Or if I will need to use a DC system with perhaps a battery to make this work.  Please let me know soon (I have a race that i am prepping for and need don't want to fry this prior to the race).