AC to DC conversion

Hi guys,

I have a 2001 PX (battery) with Malossi Vespower ignition fitted. I have already fitted LED indicators which run on DC circuit.
I wish to now convert the lights and brake lights to DC supply also. How do I do this with the Vespower kit please? I would be very grateful for any information, links to diagrams/videos, etc.

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I would advise against this because the VESPOWER is not designed for this.
Basically, you only have to operate all consumers from the battery.
However, the charging current for the battery is too low with the VESPOWER, which is why the battery will be empty before you arrive at a longer night drive.

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Hi. Thanks for your response. You are correct, I had such a problem with the Vespower, even though it was for a modern PX with electric start and battery. I have now removed it and gone back to the original stator and completed the DC conversion without problems.
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