Abarth replika for PX200


I have my GS160/GS4 with a PX200 motor inside and I would like to know if I need to remove my spare wheel to mount the abarth ?

I ride with an original piaggio and I really don’t want to change anything from the original (except the engine [;)] )

Thanks for your attention and long life to the vespa… [H]


I made some change on my first topics, It’s a GS160/GS4 with a PX200 engine inside (I have the GS160 engine too).

Thanks for yours reply…

spare wheel?am also led to believe that you will have to bin your centre stand a replace it with a floor bending side stand! my mate has a gt with this

sorry i thought you ment a gs with a spare wheel and a px motor;D but think you will still loose your centre stand