A new problem to be investigate

Did anybody had this problem and do you have a solution?

The oil seal clutch side broke in two pieces and went inside the casing and blocked everything. This was on a PX200 engine with a cylinder kit Polini 207 and a Leo Vince exhaust with a SI24 carb.

Thanks Mikkke;D

On the subject of Polini ( well isung it as a cheap excuse to talk about smallframes again). My 130 kit has taking an absoluet thrashing and never complained once. Why do they only use one piston ring on the 208 kit it seems like a mental design to me.

Ps. Never looked back since flogging the p2 [:smile:]

Hello guys, we fitted everything yesterday everything seems to be alright but today morning the piston ring stay stuck on the piston and the clutch also stay stuck. It’s probably due to the heat we’re facing here in Belgium for the moment, isn’t it? Once again thanks for all the answers!!;D

NOPE , never had it but strp it down, clean it up, rebuild it, junk the polini, and get a decent kit like a pinasco/ malossi, and carry on and thrash it, and blow it up again.

Yep!loads of times! mostly with the rubber coverd ones,and they tend to pop out,now only use brown ones from T5,but 2 have come apart so far! the rubber around the spring detaches its self from the metal,also you have to be carful with the metal ones as if you don’t stick it in right, it will spin with the crank and wear your caseing[:(] ,just use a small amount of JB weld, never had problem since!

hello Avenger,

I agree with you, the Polini 130 for smallframe is one the of absolutely best kit around. It is powerful, reliable. I loved and I love it.

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And do as Beerace say’s,junk the polini![:D] the pistons are shite!