A nasty surprise

after taking on a pk restoration and after a close look i have discovered three quite large kinks between the leg shields underneath the lower steering bearing i strongly suspect the frame is deformed in someway (the steering fork seems to be vertical but difficult to tell as the fork is offset)

does anybody have any idea on measurement dimensions for the pk frame , angle of steering colomb and possibly any good photo's of vespa alignment jigs  

it could be scrap !!!!!!!!

hope you guys can help in some way

I would also like to know this answer, did you get any help with this? Maybe it can help people if there was a picture of it? On my friends pk he has 2 large dents on the outer side of the legshield 1 on one side and 1 on the other, but both level with each other. Just where the legshield trim and the floor rails meet. So me and my friend are trying to find the same answer as you.

Thanks Adam