A funny exhaust story

Hi all its been a very long time I have been in Singapore and Malay for months working. Anyway on with the story. A good friend is having trouble with his P210, it will start and only tickover and when you go to rev it, it just dies. So like a good mate I said I will have a look for him. Change the spark plug not it, lead and cap not it, Coil not it, stator plate not it, carb in bits then back together no not it. At this I am at whits end so I even took off the wire that goes to the key but still not it. Next is the top end all off hoping for a cracked piston but alas no. So out of desperation I take off the P.M. exhaust to see if in any way it is blocked. So I take it off and blow down it and it is completely blocked. With a black ring around my lips and puffed out cheeks I try again but nothing coming out the tail can. This is very odd I think. So I get a lenth off garden wire and poke it down the end and it goes in about 300mm then hits something hard. So I had no choice but to cut it open on one of the weld seems knowing I can get it re welded at work. And when I looked inside there in front of my eyes was a huge lump of exhaut paste jamed on the inside of the last cone in the pipe. So with a tap with a hammer and a re weld she is as good as new. Mark