90/90-10 Tyres?

Again the land of cheapness offers me more goodies. This time it’s sporty tyres available in 90/90-10 size. I know the outside diameter is smaller than the standard 3.50-10’s and this will lower my gear ratio by 5% (?).
What effect will this have on the speed of my scoot? I mean will acceleration be quicker or slower and would these tyres make any difference to the top speed?

Curious Grimesy

After thought ! Will these fit on a PX???

Revised my answer!

Thanks alot Leif,

Does any body else have any comments regarding 90/90-10 tyres on PX rims?


Hi leif,
Do you think it will be a considerable loss at top end?

Your acceleration will be quicker and the top speed lower.

The theoretical speed will be reduced by the same percent as the wheeldiameter,at the same engine rev.
But as you get a better pull, the engine might be able to rev higher at top gear so your actual top speed will be the same.
I am not sure about the rim, P size might be to wide.