86135250 wiring loom for Vespatronic

HI All,


I just instaled wiring loom 86135250 this is a serie pro loom that should make it easy to install your vespatronic.

and yes it's a superb wiring loom great quality but can someone help me with the connections.

wichcolor belongs where on the light switch and on Headligt...

And is everything oke with the regulator

Hope someone could help







Purple = HighBeam Light

Black / Red = Igniton, Kill Switch

Yellow White = Voltage from Regulator

white = horn

brown = Normal Light

Yellow = rear light








How did you manage with the switch light, I am very interested as I plug it all, apparently nicely, but the brake and rear light doesn't light on ?

If you can post a pics of your switch light, I would be cery pleased.