81' p125x large frame Carb trouble

So I have a mysterious leak in my crab. I have re-built the crab all new float and needle, new gaskets and fittings. I have yet to touch the jets.

Here's the problem, I am getting way too much fuel, and eventually it floods and leaks out of the carb box. It starts just fine, I ride it for about 5/10 minutes no problem, but when I stop or stop/start it eventually floods and dies out. I am very confused. In idle it seems to be pushing too much fuel in and spitting it out up into the air filter,which it will eventually floods. With the filter OFF it runs fine because the excess fuel just evaporates and doesn't build up.

I have a Dellorto SI 20/20D at the moment I have a 160 air corrector, BE3 Atomiser tube, 96 main jet, and a 42 idle jet. 


What the hell do I do?

what tests can I do to find out the exact problem?

Do i need new jets? (which is what I am gonna try today)

Do I need a new Carb? If so which should I use? and how should I configure it?


Thank you!

Frank S.

Apr 8th 2013