74 primavera

I own a 1974 125 Primavera, that currently doesnt have a battery or turn lights. I would like to convert it to use a battery and install blinker lights. Do I need to buy a new wiring harness? What else would I have to do? Any help would be appreciated. I live in the USA and there are no Vespa shops within a 3 hour drive, so anything that I could do myself would be best. Thanks for any help.


You could make one yourself but trust me you would be easier just buying another harness, it would be a nightmare to build it up, especially to a small frame because they are six volt unregulated systems. Sorry but that would be easiest. A PK harness would probably be best but you woud then have to change your entire ignition system to a 12 volt system. Best thing is to take it to someone that knows what they are doing and get them to set it all up for you and try not to worry about the cost!!


Why do you want a battery? You should be able to run the indicators without one. I think that you would have to change your stator plate to a DC one if you wanted to run a battery. It`s not something that you would want to attempt unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands!