72000fbb sip shock absorber.... i broke it already help please

ok i really need help deciphering the instructions about resetting the rebound adjustment on the sip shock. i was playing with it and its gone all the way to the tightest setting ie: 20 clicks or so but wont wind back up. how do i reset it?

 It hasnt even been installed, the rear shock is fine and has adjustment up and down the scale. Its not like i cranked it all the way or anything, i just like to test crucial parts before installing to make sure they arent defective. Could this be a defect?

Hi !


Basically this happens when the adjustment knob was tightend to much in one direction.

The only thing you can do now is to dismount the shock and rearrange it.


Please notice that the dismounting and reassembling is a bit tricky.

Try to get some help from a mechanic.


PS: If you want you can send me some pictures by writing over the contact formular @ www.sip-scootershop.com