60mm crank

Hello all,
last thread has led me to the following questions.
If looking for a 60mm crank to fit a P200 engine, would I be better to;
use a piaggio crank rebuilt with a cut inlet timing and eccentric pin
use a 60mm mazzuchelli crank with the big end pin welded for security?

If the former, who sells a reliable eccentric pin and how much preasure am I going to need to change it?

Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure about splitting the crank but I’d always use a Piaggio item over a Mazz given a choice.

As for the pins,as far as I’m aware,Worb5 are likely to be your safest bet.

I have recently fitted a 60mm maz crank into my 210 motor and what a diffference, its just pulls from 30/40 mph, sits at 60 and still accelerates uphill and into head wind.