60mm Crank & Malossi 'sport' 210?

Hi Everyone.

I have a tuned PX200E engine running with a Pinasco 60mm long stroke, Pre 2014 Malossi 210cc kit with a MMW 1.5mm extended Head for touring. I would like to upgrade the Barrel/piston kit to the newer ‚Sport‘ Version but the site says this kit can’t be used with a longstroke. Does this apply to a longstoke with the barrel 1.5mm base gasket or does it also apply to the 1.5mm Head extension? Regards, Jimmer

Hello Jimmer,
The MMW cylinder heads are for 60mm stroke shafts. No compensating seal is necessary here. The piston normally protrudes 1.5mm beyond the cylinder. The squeezing edge is therefore 2.7mm, the effective squeezing edge 1.2mm.
So you don’t need a 1.5 mm spacer at the cylinder base.

Ciao Luigi.

Can you give me an article number of the cylinder/piston kit?