60 kicks to start a Rally?

Hi everyone, I have a 1969 Rally 180 with a p200 piston in it. It runs pretty much like a dream, but it’s a sonofa*** nette Frau *** to start- Up to 60 kicks in the morning. Warm starts are fine.

I’ve played around, but I cant seem to make it start better… anyone got any ideas on how to improve the starting?

sounds like the choke to me. my 177 pinasco was the same with a 200 carb on it. when you finalyy do get it goin and warm,if you pull the choke does it die or do the revs rise, what carb set r u u using?

I see that you have a rally 180 with a p200 piston in it? Take it you had to bore the barrell out but what else did you do? I really need my rally 180 to go a bit faster. Please help. [:smokin:] [:smokin:] [:nuke:]