50S V5SA1T 1976 questions


I am restoring a 50S V5SA1T 1976 Vespa. It has been a long time since I took it apart, and I can not remember how it was before I started the project. Anyway, now is the time to put it together and make it alive again. I will probably need some help, and the first question is:

Is it normal to have a 10" rear wheel and 9" front wheel? Will there be any problems?

Since I took it apart (12 years ago!) I have gotten some spare wheels, an engine, and lot of other parts, so there could be a mix up with the wheel sizes. Or the owner before me could have changed the engine or fork.

Classic smallframe dilemma, get a stronger clutch spring with some fresh friction plates, use SAE30 oil in gearbox, then you'll have it kickin again!

Thanks guys.

I took out the clutch today. Could not wait for a special tool, so I made one myself. Nice to have access to a lathe.

The plates look worn, but ok. I have soaked them in 30Wt SiP oil. Will try to put it back together again tomorrow. If it still wont work, I will order new plates, new spring, seals and everything else needed for a full rebuild of that side of the engine.

Just use the 10" rims with 3.00 x 10 tyres, you wont be able to use the 9" as it will make the speedo read incorrectly.


12 years in storage not bad, I had my 90ss in storage for a similar time but it was assembled, I still have a 50s that I need to rebuild that has been sitting in storage longer.

Good luck, always tricky to start the first time after they have been out of action.





I got i started the other day, but I have some problems with the kickstarter.
Its "slipping" all the time. But its not normal slipping, its with a smooth resistance. It takes som force to "kick" it, but the engine will not spin around (only in 1 out of 10 tries).

I think it might be the clutch. Any suggestions what to do?

There is enough oil in the gearcase.



Good one on getting it started, as already mentioned the friction plates have dried up and stuck together, remove them, soak them and reassemble, a stronger spring does not always fix , but new plates soaked in oil will. the stronger spring will make the clutch lever very stiff, as I have changed mine and makes changing gears for street driving a bit of a pain.


Well done