50000510 - SIP Speedo for old PX installation prob

Hi, mates!

Today I was trying to instal the SIP Speedo on my P200E and faced a problem:

in all installation descriptions and tutorial videos they don't mentioned the black box, that is included in delivery.

I assume, that this is a new feature, added not so long ago, but where the hell can I put it on a P? The place in the headlamp unit is absolutely insufficient and the length of the wires doesn't allow to put it somewhere else((

And the thing is that the plugs are made differrent, so I can't exclude it from the chain. What should I do in this case? Maybe there are some addons/special plugs for the speedo?


I found this http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/wire+kit+koso+between+black_50000210

and think it's what I needed.

In case anyone else has the same prob.