50 Special Tuning

Thanks, I`ve got a lot to learn!

I`ve almost finished restoring my 50n 1966,  but Im having some problems with my

clutch,  lever is hard as hell? Do you know the solution, I`ve oiled the cable,

and it got a little better but not perfect!

Change the clutch cable to a teflon lined, that will help.

I also used high quality acid-free grease in the cable to get a slick action, maybe other type of grease/oil is good too?

Hi i am new to my Vespa 50 S 1967 (75cc kit) … and use it to drive to my music gigs with my Saxophone on my back :wink:

Last night i drove between Nice and Monaco 25km (lots of long heels in that area)  and had to stop 3 times because my Vespa was over hitting :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: than my lights just stoped working for no reason half way in the dark !!! :frowning:
barely made it home to Nice…
A Vespa friend that helps me to tune Vespa told me that Vespa’s dont like the heels and over heath usually.

Is there a way to tune Vespa 50 S to have maximum  performance on the steep heels rather than the speed?

My collegues-musicians all have  modern 50cc scooters and trying to tell me out of my lovely old Vespa - but i dont want to give up and hope i can tune it to drive it around French Rivera mountains!

Vespa can drive short heels up quite OK in the 1st gear , but its starts smell like burning on the long heels and stops on its own … than i have to wait for 15+ min. for it to cool down  and start again :frowning:

thanks in advance for any tips links, etc.

(Nice, France)
P.S. my Vespa has a 75cc cilynder instead of 50cc when i bought it , than i had 19mm Pollini carburetor installed and the right exaust, what else could be done?

[quote user=„DaveDaniel“]Before we get into this,what are you aiming for?Top speed or real world performance?[/quote]

The new polini engine is really great