50 special/small frame

Is the frame on a 50 special the same as 90 and primmy’s ? I realise the headset is square but is that the only difference ???

[:(] no the frame on the 50 special has a plastic horncover i have in the past on a import put the plastic cover over the steel 90 frame you have to trim the inside . the primmy also has a tool box door in the left hand side panel hope this helps

I wasnt going to reply to this post cos its been answered, but Ive managed to find some spare time so thought Id add to it. If you are planning to fit an electrinic ignition and are tempted to use a PK/PX loom, youll find that a Pk/PX horncasting also fits and covers the plastic multi-connector which the 50special on doesnt, also tthe horn is already mounted. Youll also find that, if you decide to fit a disc brake, the Pk forks and mudgaurd a)fit ok, b)aesthetically are better.