50 special/ help me

need help with jetin/carb, 50 special with a 110 dr kit fitted and leo vinchi exhaust! standard carb 16/10
whats the jetin req for this???
is it better to fit a 19/19 carb if so again whats the jetin for this anybody HELP???
jules [:angry:] [[:O]] [:(] [:’(] [:nuke:]

That should be roughly ball-park but I’d get the next couple of sizes up too.

fitted a 90 to mine then worked down with a 19/19 carb

I’m not sure but try here.

I would throw away the 16/10 and manifold and use either a 16/16 or a 19/19 item.

sorry to post in somone else post but! i am trying to put a 19/19 carb into my vespa 50 but what inlet pipe do i need to buy to instale this carburater?? the original one thats on now is to small and the carburator dosnt hold!!


thank you



ma perche vuoi mettere un 19 shb nel cinquantino originale ??

o ce un gruppo termico piu grande sotto ?

dont knw

cheers will do a 19/19 i think,with an 82 main jet???

The link didn’t work for some reason.I’ll try again.