50 0r 51 m cruciform

hi how do i know which crucifom my engine should have has ive replaced cruciform with like for like 50 mm and still wants to jump out of gear

Hi dude


I think the best way to resolve ist to check at first following:


1. Do you still have the original cruciform? If yes please check the measure and check the form if its more round or more pointy.


2. If i understood right in your case it would be neccessary to use the reinforced cruciform spring, its item code 15011500.



PS: 1 mm slack is ok.





Hi ...

please tell me wich scooter or engine exactly do you got !



hi the engine number is v9b1m 100 sport but it has a four speed gearbox and spider i was told it also has a ziri fourth gear but i wouldnt know the difference from a standard one ive put in a new cruciform ,tightened all the cables there is about 1mm of slack on first gear cable would it benifit from using a stronger spring in the axle