5 speed gear

I want to sell a 5 speed gear for vespa px at 300 euro.
think this is the best gear kit for vespa, because if you want a lot of revolution from your motor, the problem is you have only 4 gear and the jump from 3 to 4 gear is not so good whit short 4 gear 36 too. If you want best acceleration you have to use primary 21/68 or 22/67, but the best speed is not excellent. If you want best speed you haveto use the 23/65 (23/64) primary, but the acceleration is not the best.

5 speed omega 12/57 16/53 20/49 24/45 28/41
prymari 21/68

these are the differences of alla gear kit that is possible to make.The fifth gear is longer(0,211) than the 4 gear of 200 35 theet. The jump 4-5 is shorter (0,046) than the jump of 3-4 gear(35) of 200 (0.054), and the 3-4 short gear(36) (0,04[H]. This happens if you use the 21/68 primary whit omega kit(the longer 23/65 is hard to drive).The first gear 12/57 is shorter than the first gear of px 125. This is the best kit for acceleration and for speed. All gears’ jumps are perfect.

For pictures [email protected]