5 speed boxes

We’ve had this before but does anyone know anybody thats got one and can give some details.
Im on the verge of buying one myself cos I can’t wait but Ive still got my reservations

Is it FA who are making them? If it is thats all I need to know. I only use their stuff if I have to.

I was thinking about one of these myself…but i have not heard anything about them regarding fitment/problems/…i remember when they were out in the 80’s and they fell to bits.[:shock1:]

Yeah they were in all the pinasco engines. Just like the lammy ones made out of milled down gears. If these are totally remade they should work but sip are very quite about it. Im in the Speed Demons so im of to Holland on Wednesday. Hopefully a few of the geeeeeermans will have them on the dyno.

FA said it’s for NON-tunend engin only stock!!!

that’s why my frend broke is gear box (he was using 210 malossi+30er carburator)

i think that it’s a cheap excuse from FA, why making a 5 speed gear box if you can’t use it with a kit???

because it’s badly made!!!

5-Speed Transmission Upgrade
Part No: 5SPEED
Price: 499.00

Fits P series and late Sprint, Super, GTR, TS (basically any engine that takes the 130939 cruciform and 106956 axle bearing). The manufacture offers no warranty on this product.
For race use only!

I love that part.

Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt!!! !!

They are an italian firm that reproduce scooter parts both vespa and Lambretta. Mainly in UK we see their hubs and wheel rims but im guessing the make other parts for their home market. Might have miss understood the thread tho and its nothing to do with them!

They allso make other parts that i have found to be crap like the cruciform and selector rod that would not tighten up right home then striped the thread off the selector rod .Ihave had a wheel that was crap as well will not be buying from V E again will pay more and get the genuine parts

That sounds good who are scooterworks?

someone in france try it…500km & a broken 3rd gear…

the ring are too fini and heat treatment have to be perfect i’m not shure that FA (they make hugly rims in alloy…)are known for those kind of job…[:D]

Pardon my ignorance but who are FA ?[:rolleyes:]

so i’ve got a down low on the 5 speed. there are a few different versions out there. the one that scooterworks sells is the real deal. the old 5 speed every gear was 20% smaller. the new one first is the same size as stock. and they gradually get smaller till 5th gear is the thickness of a small frames 4th gear and we all know that smallies can get kitted to hell and the gears hold up. the one i know of has gone 3000 some odd miles with it on a malossi kitted lml with no problems. also since all the gears are slightly lower it flys around town. you shift from 4th to 5th around 65-70 mph. it was ridden at 80mph for a long disance with now problems. i’m installing one on my scoot in august and i’ll let you know how it holds up.

He He my lads got a meccanno set with stronger components!

You lucky duck,I am waiting for my seat to turn up from SIP otherwise i would have been going to holland…dont fancy sitting on the petrol cap all that way…;D

I beleive it’s an American company.

mmmm Looks ok but I think i’d rather use the more modern efl type gearbox and cruciform. Trouble is with that kit is you will still have all the problems you had with the early px boxes.

here a link to the 5 speed at scooterworks.