42mm Crankshaft for minarelli horizontal 50cc

Hi, I am looking for a 42mm crankshaft for a Yamaha Vino 50cc 2T. It should

be the same as for the Malaguti F10, 12 etc...

There are some advertised in the US for 90cc ATV, but I don't know if they

would fit, and no specs are ever given. I would like it to be good for up tp 14000

at least, with 12mm pin (if possible), and full circle (stuffed).

 many thanks,



Hi Walter, you would be better off emailing the SIP Scootershop staff as not many people visit these forums it seems

Or just go to the "Products" link on the left

"Scooter 50cc-90cc"


"Vino 50ccm 2T AC"



Check out a couple of places in the US. The 90cc ATV cranks will fit your bike. Gotta grind on the case to make it fit but it will.

Hi Walter,

Is there a reason you want a 42mm crankshaft? Are you referring to the length of the shaft?

I'm just asking because I would assume that any crankshaft listed in the Vino section is compatable with the Yamaha Vino.

I just checked out the HEBO website http://www.hebo.com/ and they dont seem to list the length(?) of the shafts either... I guess, again, because the parts listed in the Vino section must be compatable with Vino motors.

Even the Polini site http://uk.catalogo.polini.it/en/pagina_725.html, which often does show all specs for things like cylinder kits and cranks... doesn't in this case

I guess if you have a good reason to make sure it's 42mm it may be a mission to find out!

Good lukc mate, hopefully SIP reply to your email


Thanks Rabbi,

I tried searching here, and another large German scooter retailer,

but didn't see 42mm listed in any description. I have also emailed

the staff directly.

It's possible... since it seems so hard to find, that I might be trying

to do something wrong, or best done another way  :)


  thanks for your reply, best regards,





here is the right one






Всем прива))))