4 plate clutch

Does the reinforced 4 plate clutch (PX 80 - 150) work propperly if I remome one clutch + 1 steel plate?

No! wouldn’t have thought so! the clutch plates and steel plates are thinner to get the four inside the basket.
If you look at the design of the clutch,as soon as it gets worn,the clutch plates have more room to release making it slip more and then wearing it more,giving it more room to release making it blah ! blah! which is why once it starts slipping it will only get worse[:(]
unless you have extra strong springs, which would make it hard to slip, to pull away!
BUT,I might be wrong[:D]

Four plate clutches are crap anyway.

A three plate clutch worked much better and lasted longer on my old Polini 180, I was replacing the 4 plate clutches every couple of months but the 3 plate I put in lasted until I sold the scooter.

Stronger springs are useful though

I have now changed back to a standard 3 plate clutch, with uprated malossi springs. This works fine but I think the clutch handle is still a little hard for everyday use.

He´s right. The steel plates are thinner and they split in almost any gear.