4 plate clutch

Does anyone have any experience with the 4 plate reinforced clutch for PX 80 - 150?

I took my scooter, a slitly tuned Sprint out for a testdrive today but the clutch, is so hard that I almost can not opertate it.

Do you have to be Superman to use the reinforced clutch.

The scooter have a Malossi 266 cylinder, reedvalve, Sip Performace and a PHBH 30mm carb. Is it enough to use a standard 3 plate clutch.

what I think make it harder is the springs for which I recomend to use the regular spngs.

Its the PX 80 - 150 reinforced clutch (93115000) with Malossi upgear kit (23/64).

Can I remove one of the cluth plates + one steel plate, or do I have to get a new one. Will removing one plate make it less hard?

What clutch is it that you are using? Is it a reinforced/ uprated px80/ 150 ? If so, your better options are either a p200 standard 3 plate with malossi springs, a 4 plate p200 version with uprated springs or a cosa style clutch. With any of these you need to make sure you get the correct number of teeth on the drive(this may mean re-rivetting your current drive onto the clutch drive plate of the new bigger one, if you use a p2 style instead of cosa style) and remove some aluminium inside the clutch cover. Easy jobs both. With your spec of engine a standard p2 clutch and 4 malossi springs 4 std should be enough, or cosa (These are worth every penny)

I guess the tension on the springs is much higher with 4 plates instead of 3, due to less avelable space inside the cluth basket of a 4 plate.

Does the 4 plate clutch work with 3 plates?