4 plate clutch problem! HeLP!

Hallo, my name is Robert van de Laarschot from Holland and i have a Vespa PK50 S, just repainted the whole job and i am proud of the result, i also opened the enigine and did purchaged a new clutch.

The whole engine is standard, only have a sito plus exhaust for a little bit more power.

So the problem is: I have ordered a 4 plate clutch for the vespa because i thought it is stronger and better to have more control of the engine, i did mounted the clutch on the engine.

I mounted the cables (all new ones) and i started the engine up.

The engine runs very well but there are 2 problems.

If the cable is not tight enough the clutch will run away but the KICKSTARTER will work very good
But if i pull the cable tight enough, the kickstarter won't work good but the clutch will only run away a little bit,  enough to annoy yourself!

I want that the clutch works very nice and well,
So my question is, is this clutch to strong, or are there any options for me to let it work good?

Let me know please! thanks for your support guys

When you build your clutch (put the discs together with appropriate tool) did you put the discs in oil before ? you have to...

Make sure all the disc are well assembled in appropriate order.

Clutch is not to strong, don't worry : but at the beginning you will make your wrist work...

I have the same problem with the cable, but haven't find a solution yet.

One sure thing is that when kickstarter (2nd case) doesn't start good, means that your clutch will die soon, while in 1st case, your crusiform will wear.

I believed that my cable sleeve was soft enough and i changed it but nothing happened.

Maybe our crusiforms need a change?

Another though of mine is that level's pin's hole is wore so level cannot do the distance required to help crusiform change the gear.

So if someone has a solution, will help both of us.