30mm delorto carb and malossi manifold or just stick with the stock carb?

HI EVERYONE sorry for bringing back this same question again. my question is that would you replace your 24mm si E CARB ON A MALOSSI MANIFOLD WITH A 30MM DELORTO??? on a px200. would it have a big difference in perfomance? or just a waste of time and money??? thanks and cheers to all!


       yes on a px200. have you tried it? cheers!

Mr dlegendslayer, it looks as though you’re toying around with the idea of total engine modification. If you think that your engine is already beefed up, then go ahead with your devilish plan. But  if you’re engine is not up to it, might as well throw that idea in the garbage. If you don’t mind me asking, what modifications have you done with your PX200 engine?

On a standard P2 it´s a waste of money. Imho.

sir rcr3101 with regards to my engine specs it’s pretty much beefed up…malossi kit, match ported case, matched cyl head worb5, t5 si g slide 26mm carb lowered venturi, t5 4th gear, 23/64 gearing, left hand side pm tuning pipe. and 60mm stroker. used 1.5mm gasket at the base, ported block btw. :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to have a „more“ tuned engine to use this kind of carb