3.50/10 Speed Rating

Anyone know of any decent 3.50/10 tyres with a speed rating above 62mph?

The only one I’ve come across is Hutchinson.

See beedspeed for the price:


and see hutchinson for the spec:


mouse on urban, then click city z

3.5x10 with speed rating of N (140Km/h as oppossed to 100Km/h for J) - don’t know much about them though, never seen one and not sure if they’re suitable for a Vespa - maybe check with Beedspeed.

Took a look at that site, and yes they do have a high speed rating, but it looks like only for a tubeless application. I’ll give Beedspeed a call and ask them. I am a bit concerned about travelling at 70mph everyday with my J rated conti’s. Failing that I’m gonna order some of the SIP ones, there rated to 120kmh, which I believe is around 75mph.